Fruition Business Group is a ‘Business Partner’ in North America

with the Israel Export and International Institutions Corporation (IEICI).

The IEICI launched a program during the end of 2014, which may reimburse* Israeli companies' costs, 

whose goal is to penetrate the North American market, or would like to expand their operation.

        Reduce the risk on the first steps 

        The 'Three Layers' strategy 

As an Israeli company you may be reimbursed* up to $7,000** for Fruition Business Development & Sales service in North America.

       Step by Step

* Decisions regarding the IEICI reimbursement and its amount are based solely on the IEICI program. 

** The reimbursed amount is based on type of the program and sole discrection of the IEICI. 

By using the program you can reimburse your costs for the first steps, so you may already have results before you start to pay for our service. 

Both your fees will be charged and your costs reimbursed 

in stages, which follow each successful step.

We provide your company with a professional business development execution to allow you to penetrate and expand efficiency in the North American market.

        Faster & Efficiently

We will set up the call, meeting and the paperwork directly with IEICI's director. This will make it easier for you to take full advantage of the right program for your company.  

Learn how you can increase your revenue and build substantial business.  

IEICI Custoemr's Success Story 

Click Here to find the testimony and the case study. 

"I highly recommend working with Fruition Business Group, both from a professional and personal aspect."